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Timelapse Video: Cat Destroys Box Over 3-Month Period

A clever cat person taped the complete destruction of a cardboard box at the hand, err, paw of a determined kitty.

Watch this box disappear.

Brace yourselves; you’ve never seen a timelapse video quite like this.

On Sept. 10, 2015, Elliot the cat undertook quite the task: the destruction of a cardboard box. Though many felines may have had the audacity to demolish the parcel in a mere day, Elliot was careful and thorough in his execution – chewing off just a small amount with each engagement.

His pet parents, rapt with attention, captured his daily encounters with the carton on video, resulting in a truly unique and entertaining timelapse clocking in at just over one minute, and ending on Dec. 16, 2015. The box, whole on day one, is only a speck on the final day.

Watch Elliot get down to business in the video above.

How do your cats handle boxes? Do they destruct immediately, or savor their demolition?

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