Time For Gerbil Play!

A look at gerbil playtime.

Gerbils are active rodents that are fun to interact with. They entertain you for hours with their hilarious antics. Gerbil playtime is not only fun for gerbils, but it is relaxing and enjoyable for gerbil owners too.

Gerbil & Owner Playtime
Play with your gerbil everyday to keep it socialized. Katie Mcqueen, a gerbil breeder from Pocafiki Gerbils in Tulsa, Oklahoma, said that playing with your gerbil will keep it friendly and interested in interacting with you. If you quit playing with your gerbil, it quits wanting to play with you.

Gerbil playtime is also beneficial to you as well. “It’s a good time to relax and distress,” said Mcqueen, “They are always doing something funny and entertaining.”

A daily play session with your gerbil should last at least 15 minutes, more if your pet gerbil doesn’t have cage mates. Playtime consists of taking your gerbil out of its cage and handling it. Mcqueen said that she lets her gerbils explore by letting them crawl on her lap and shoulders.

During out-of-cage playtime, you don’t need toys, but they can be fun. Mcqueen said that her friend filled a kiddy pool with cardboard boxes and let his gerbils crawl around in it.  When it comes to gerbil playtime, you are only limited by your imagination.

Gerbil & Gerbil Playtime
Pet gerbils are social and enjoy having cage mates to play with. “Young gerbils will playfully wrestle and groom each other,” said Mcqueen. Watch for aggressive behavior, and never put two stranger gerbils together to play. Mcqueen said that they will fight, sometimes to the death.

In the end, gerbils are adventurous, active pets that enjoy playing with you and their cage mates.

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