Time Flies at CAT FANCY

It may be mid-December in real life, but in magazine land, it's almost springtime.

Here at CAT FANCY, we often feel like time travelers. It’s the middle of December 2009, and we are currently working on our March 2010 issue and planning our 2011 editions of Cats USA and Kittens USA. We sometimes get a little confused as to what the date actually is and wonder where all that time went. Then we remember that we’re working at least three months in advance and that we haven’t lost any time after all. It’s always a little strange to be working on spring and summer issues when we’re still in the middle of winter. And Christmas always comes a little early since we work on the December issue in the middle of August.

A few years ago, one of the other magazine editors was working so far in advance, her Christmas cards to her co-workers wished them a “happy and healthy 2005.” However, it wasn’t even 2004 yet!

It’s easy to get confused about where we are in time, but all we need to do is take a quick look at the calendar or out the window to get ourselves back into the present.

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