Tiger Ranch Owner Will Stand Trial

Linda Bruno, operator of the Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary in Frazer, Pa., will face 593 counts of cruelty to animals.

On Tuesday, Linda Bruno, owner of the Tiger Ranch Cat Sanctuary in Frazer, Pa., was ordered to stand trial on 208 misdemeanor and 385 summary counts of cruelty to animals. District Judge Suzanne Blaschak also ordered Bruno to adhere to the conditions of her bond, which prohibit Bruno from coming into contact with animals, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports.

Bruno was arrested on March 13 after the Pennsylvania SPCA raided her 29-acre property. SPCA employees seized more than 400 cats, several horses, nine chickens and a goat.

During testimony on Tuesday, veterinarian Becky L. Morrow said that more than 100 of the cats seized had to be euthanized. She testified for about four hours, describing the conditions of the sick cats and listing the diagnoses reached by her and other veterinarians.

In his closing arguments, Bruno’s attorney, R.E. Valasek, said, “The court has a compilation of serious diseases with no connectivity to Linda Bruno. The only question is how that cat reached its final stage.”

While dismissing three charges for lack of evidence, Judge Blaschak upheld the remaining charges. “In the absence of duty, care, food, water and helping the animals get to it … this rises to the level of torturous conduct,” she ruled.

Formal arraignment for Bruno will take place on July 9.

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