Throw a Perfect Puppy Bowl Party

Watching the Puppy Bowl this year? Do it right with dog-themed tips on tail-gating.

Planning on watching the Puppy Bowl this year? Whether you own a dog, or just love watching them on TV, this dog-themed party will get your tail-wagging.  Impress your friends with the perfect puppy party complete with easy, budget-friendly, dog-themed food and decor.

Puppy Bowl Party. Photo by Samantha Meyers


The Decor

There are tons of fun options for your Puppy Bowl theme. While you can go with pure football decorations (and no one will judge,) we wanted to get across that this party is not your average Super Bowl party. We used a few choice football items to set the sporting mood, with a table runner and some football-shaped plates, but from there it all went to the dogs.

To get the dog-theme across in a fun and cheap way, we stopped by the dollar-store and picked up a variety of new and clean doggie dishes. Since dog bowls come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, they make great and unique serving dishes. If you are not sure how you feel about serving straight from dog bowls, they also make great stands and additions to your human serving bowls, plates and trays.

Once the food was dished out, we adorned the table with some dog-napkins, then placed our favorite stuffed dogs around to drive the puppy-theme home. If you don’t have any stuffed dogs, you can also pay homage to the kitten half-time show and penguin cheerleaders. Get creative by adding in your favorite aspects of the Puppy Bowl, football, team colors or whatever else you have that fits the bill.

Puppy Chow. Photo by Samantha Meyers Puppy Cupcakes. Photo by Samantha Meyers

The Food

One thing to get out of the way — this is NOT dog-friendly food! It’s dog-themed! If you are looking for dog-friendly Super Bowl snacks, check out out our Dog-Friendly Super Bowl Party>>

On the menu for the dog-lovers we have some easy to make snacks with a doggie-theme:

Hot Dogs – What better thing to serve at a football and dog party than hot dogs? Not only is dog already in the name, but you can get creative and pay homage to your favorite breeds. We chose ingredients we had on hand to create:

  • The German Shepherd – Sauerkraut and Mustard 
  • The Chihuahua – Taco cheese, Salsa and Jalapenos
  • The All-American – American Cheese and BBQ Sauce

Dog Bones – Dogs love a cookie and so do we! You can shape your favorite cookie dough (homemade or store-bought, we won’t tell) into dog bone shapes.

Puppy Chow – The name pretty much says why we chose this one. It can be made in a variety of flavors and looks great when served in a dog dish!

Dog Bowl Cupcakes – Make your favorite cupcake recipe, coat it with a mound of frosting and roll on Cocoa, Reese’s Puffs or your favorite small-shaped cereal to make it look like a dish of dog food. 

Hot Dogs. Photo by Samanta Meyers Dog Bone Cookies. Photo by Samantha Meyers

If you want some Super Bowl snacks you can share with your pup, check out these dog and human friendly snacks! 

Veggies and Dip – Serve your favorite dips, chips and veggies in a dog dish. We really love the double-sided dog dish for this one! 

Try this dog-friendly cucumber dip>>

 Veggies and Dip. Photo by Samantha Meyers

Pup-Tato Skins – another great option for pleasing two- and four-legged taste buds! Keep them simple for fido and allow guests to customize them with bacon and sour cream.

Get the Pup-Tato Recipe>> 

 Veggies and Dip. Photo by Samantha Meyers

Whatever you end up doing for your Puppy Bowl party, just remember it’s all about having a dog-gone good time!


Puppy Bowl Party setup. Photo by Samantha Meyers



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