Through Intuition or by Checking Schedule, Cat Boards Train Home

A sixth sense sent Charlie on a ride to the right stop, after the missing cat took a train home.

Many believe that cats have a sixth sense. Charlie the cat could offer proof.

Thirteen-year-old Charlie had been missing from his Accrington, UK, home for two weeks when he reappeared in the most unlikely of places: exiting a busy commuter train in the town that has been his home since April 2015.

According to railway staff, Charlie boarded the train in Colne, UK, spending half an hour on the railway, and passing up seven stops, before emerging on Accrington terrain, raising eyebrows of commuters and staff alike.

“A friend of mine got off the train and rang me to say she had just seen a cat get off it,” Andy Richards of East Lancashire Cats told Lancashire Telegraph.
“I couldn’t believe it but I went to have a look and sure enough he just sat there on the platform. The train staff think he got on at Colne because the doors are open for a long time there.”

Taking Charlie with him to the rescue center, Richards scanned him for microchip, turning up an address and phone number in Warrington that proved to be out of service. Believing that the feline belonged to someone, Richards extended his search to Facebook, posting Charlie’s picture on the social networking site, where a fellow feline re-homer recognized the cat, placing Richards in touch with Charlie’s family.

“It was an amazing piece of luck to finish an incredible story,” said Richards. “It’s bizarre. I’ve never heard of anything like it. I just don’t know how he knew to get off at Accrington. They say cats have an amazing homing sense but I’ve never known this before.”

Though this was not Charlie’s first disappearing act since he moved to Accrington five months ago with the Kaur family, the fact that he stayed away for so long, with no word from the RSPCA, left the family a bit more worried than his last excursion.

“We were starting to think he might be something of a wanderer, but it’s unbelievable to think he might have gone so far,” Mrs. Kaur said. “He’s a friendly cat. He’s very laid back. Maybe he just wanted a holiday, or was having a mid-life crisis. He just wants to see more of the world. I’d love to know where he has been.”

Aside from having lost a bit of weight, Charlie returned home in good health, and is being smothered with attention by the Kaur’s 14-year-old daughter, Kelly, who is thrilled to have him back.

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