Three Tails of Extraordinary Cats

Three special cats display extraordinary abilities.

Cat owners around the world know just how extraordinary felines are, but these three go far beyond the call of kitty duty on a daily basis!

Though she was half the age of her canine counterpart, Libby was not a cat who has ever had the ability to ignore a friend in need; thus the reason she did so well in her self-appointed role as seeing-eye cat.

As the younger sister to Cashew, a yellow Labrador who was both blind and deaf, Libby took it upon herself to not only act as Cashew’s eyes, but her ears, as well; leading her to her food, keeping her away from obstacles that may pose a challenge, and curling up alongside her to see her through each night. The only time these two Middleburg, Penn., pals were apart was when Cashew was taken out for walks with her owners!

Though both Libby and Cashew recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they are no doubt still together in spirit.

Despite the fact that Nora was adopted from a Cherry Hills, N.J., animal shelter by a piano teacher, and named after the artist known as Leonora Carrington, no one could have known that, at the age of 1, the gray tabby would climb upon the piano bench in her home and tickle the ivories long into the night. But that is precisely what she did.

Ever since that fateful day, Nora has made a name for herself, becoming a YouTube sensation, and performing duets with her owner and the students she teaches on a daily basis. Nora has even made the talk show rounds, appearing on everything from “The Martha Stewart Show” to “The Today Show.”

While Henry has been the focus of many news stories over the past few years, he is a feline with humble beginnings. Living as a stray in California’s Julian mountains, Henry was found with a dangling limb which resulted in an emergency amputation, leaving him a three-legged kitty. Nevertheless, Henry has not allowed his so-called handicap to stand in the way of his goals.

With the assistance of his owners, Cathy Conheim and Donna Brooks, and his canine sister, Dollydog, Henry has raised more than $50,000 for animal welfare organizations through sales of his books, including the biography “What’s the Matter With Henry?” Henry continues to inspire people of all ages suffering from chronic illness and handicaps.

Never underestimate the extraordinary abilities of the feline!

Erika Sorocco is a freelance writer living in Southern California. Her work has appeared in numerous publications both nationally and internationally.

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