Three New Moderators Join The Ferret Health List Team

The Ferret Health List welcomed three new moderators to its team after Sukie Crandall stepped down as an FHL moderator in June 2011.

Before Sukie Crandall stepped down as a moderator of the Ferret Health List on June 15, 2011, she and the other FHL moderators recruited three other FHL members to become moderators: Dr. Ruth Heller, Tressie Dutchyn and Caitlyn Martin.

Heller is a highly respected ferret veterinary expert who practices at the Borderbrook Animal Hospital in Murraysville, Pennsylvania.

The first time Crandall asked Dutchyn if she might be interested in becoming an FHL moderator she said yes, so when the formal invitation came from the FHL, Dutchyn already knew her answer.

“I sincerely hope we can carry on the high ethical standard Sukie established, including the strong support of veterinary care as the end point for people seeking health information for their ferrets,” Dutchyn said. “In addition, to continue to provide evidence-based information to the ferret community. Sukie has set a high bar, and we will continue to strive to keep it elevated.”

Martin has been a member of the Ferret Health List (FHL) nearly since it began, but she was surprised to receive the email earlier this year inviting her to be an FHL moderator. “I don’t really feel like I have the level of knowledge about ferret health and medicine that the other moderators have,” she said. “I gave it some thought over a few days and since I can at least help with the administrative tasks I decided to give back to the list and the community that has been very helpful to me.”

For Martin, it’s all about the ferrets. “I mainly want [the FHL] to continue to be a resource that helps people get the proper care for their ferrets.”

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