Three New Killifishes Described

Two killifish hail from Brazil while the third is from the Congo.

Aphyosemion jeanhuberi

Researchers have described three new killifish species and their coloration, like most killifish, are striking. These small fish are super popular in the hobby due in part to their usually striking coloration.

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Aphyosemion jeanhuberi hail from the border region between Gabon and Congo in Africa and are different from other members of the genus in that the males have very striking colorations. The males are an almost baby blue with red lines on its fins and spots on its sides and back. The edges of the fins are tinged yellow, except the caudal fin, which is tinged yellow only on the bottom section of the fin.

Moema beucheyi

Moema beucheyi

Moema beucheyi hails from the  Río San Miguel drainage, Río Madeira basin, in the Bolivian Amazon. It was discovered in a seasonal pool and is similar to others in the Moema genus in that the male displays filamentous rays on the tips of its pectoral fins. It features brown dots on its caudal fins and orange dots on its anal fin. Its body has rows of orange and brown dots in no real pattern. In all a beautiful fish.


Melanorivulus imperatrizensis

Melanorivulus imperatrizensis was discovered in a small spring in the middle rio Tocantins basin in northeast Brazil. Its coloration is a bit muted than the previous two but still striking. It features orange fins with red spots, and a silver body.

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