3 Hamsters Left On A Bridge With Nothing But A Note

The tiny animals were thankfully rescued from frigid temperatures.

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These three little animals had each other, and little else, to stay safe and warm. Via RSPCA/The Dodo
Anastasia Thrift

Somewhere near Birmingham, England, where the afternoon high temperature reached 48 degrees Fahrenheit today, someone made the decision to abandon three tiny animals in a cardboard box on a bridge. The person left a note — “Free Hamsters” — and not much else.

A kind passerby took the box and its living, breathing contents — three small hamsters — to safety, The Dodo reports. The good Samaritan took them to the RSPCA Derby shelter where they received food, water and a warm place to stay.

This information was lost on the person who abandoned these hamsters. Via RSPCA/The Dodo

“It’s terrible to think that someone thought it would be OK to dump these animals like this and then offering them to passersby as free to take — they could have fallen into the completely wrong hands,” Rachel Butler, RSPCA spokeswoman for Birmingham, said in a press release.

The box contained a pamphlet, written by the RSPCA, titled “Caring For Your Dwarf Hamsters.” It’s pretty likely it was never read by the person who left these hamsters out in the cold.

At the Derby shelter, the hamsters were given the names Clarkes, Jimmy Choo and Doc Marten. The all appeared to be healthy, and are starting off on a better foot with their new adoptive families.

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