Three Ferrets Take On Yoda!

It’s the Star Wars meeting you must see. Will The Force win, or will the ferrets prevail?

Yoda robot and three ferrets
Via DWisen/YouTube 
The ferrets have to be wondering who the strange, short dude in the white robe is!

Feel the Force, you do — or maybe not! This robot Yoda seems to have met his match in three ferrets. Forget any training troubles with Luke, these ferrets are showing what it’s really like to not pay attention.

Yoda robot says, “Watch me you can, and follow.” 

Yeah, that’s not going to happen. I admit that the ferrets are very curious and certainly watch him, but follow? Nope.

“Hold your lightsaber upright, then swing.”

Yoda then proceeds to demonstrate that swing. And the ferrets don’t care. 

I have to say I’m impressed with the moves this robot has. One ferret backs away completely when the lightsaber comes out, another remains curious and the third takes getting a tap from the lightsaber as an invitation to play. He tumbles to the side a bit and then grabs on to Yoda’s robe. 

After seeing this, I think the cinematic Yoda might repeat one of his quotes: “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is” with maybe a small tweak, “Truly wonderful the mind of a ferret is” because — really — who can’t admire such curiosity and wonder in the face of what must a completely bizarre addition to their world. 

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And the fun continued with a second video, posted by YouTube user DWisen. The ferrets are getting bolder. I’m sure no one who created robot Yoda ever thought it would be a nice playmate for ferrets, but you can’t deny it. I wonder if the fascination continues.  

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