Three Ferrets Escape The Wrecking Ball

A construction worker rescues three ferrets found in a condemned house.

This is a story of three ferrets found in a condemned house that was being torn down. Workers were taking the last walk-through before tearing down the house when a worker yelled, “Look at that big rat!” Another worker asked where the rat was.
They went to look and three wee heads poked out. The second worker recognized them a weasels not rats, so he got a raccoon trap and caught all three of them and took them home to Pennsylvania. He said that when he was in the service they had ferrets over in Germany and fed them whole prey. They are much bigger ferrets than in the United States. He took them to a vet because the wee girl had been limping; it turned out her nails were too long and it hurt for her to walk.

He called around and finally found our ferret rescue mom in Pittsburgh, our sweet ferret mom, Barb. She called us, and we went to pick them up in Midland. All we could figure when talking to the gentleman that found them was that they either got away in the move their family made, or they were dumped and found their way into this house.

We are so glad that this man found them. He said he hoped he had caught all of them.

These three ferrets are at the Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue Inc. and doing well. There were two boys and one girl. They have been named Slate, Paris and Mason. They just have to get fattened up, because we don’t know what they were eating. It was lucky for them they were found that day, because the next night brought a heavy frost and the temperatures dropped to 31 degrees.

Becky Watson is a ferret enthusiast and rescue volunteer for the Hide-E-Hole Ferret Rescue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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