Tennis Ball Tug-Of-War Is Adorably Interrupted By Peaceful Golden Retriever

When two Golden Retrievers refused to give up the battle over a ball, a third dog pops in offering extreme cuteness.

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"Guys, come on. It's just a ball." Via VineHub/YouTube
Chrissa Hardy

Sometimes we can become so blinded with the thrill of winning and the intensity of competition that we forget what really matters in life.

Apparently, this happens in the canine world, too, but one Golden Retriever is more than happy to remind the world that there’s more to life than victory. In a video originally posted to Facebook this week by Evelyn Lou, two Goldens face off in a tough game of tug-of-war over a tennis ball.

"Mine." "No.... MINE." Via Facebook

“Mine.” “No… MINE.” Via Facebook

The two are so evenly matched that there’s really no tugging at all, just tight teeth grips and unwavering power gazes.

"Oh hey, guys. Can I play?"Via Facebook

“Oh hey, guys. Can I play?” Via Facebook

But the best part of this canine match-up has zero to do with the two dogs refusing to lose the ball, and everything to do with the third dog who enters the scene and interrupts all of it.

"Seriously though, can I play?" Via Facebook

“Seriously though, can I play?” Via Facebook

After realizing there’s no room to grab the ball, dog No. 3 just sticks its head on top of the smushed together noses of the other two and quietly stays there, wagging and blinking away.

"Guys, come on. It's just a ball." Via Facebook

“Maybe we should all take a break and hold paws.” Via Facebook

Is this an act of protest because the dog is mad about not being able to get in on the tennis ball action? Or is this a reminder that petty disagreements and tangible objects should never come between two pals? It’s a simple move, requiring little effort on behalf of dog No. 3, and yet, it speaks volumes.

"Can't we all just get along?" Via Facebook

“Can’t we all just get along?” Via Facebook

Whether or not it’s a behavioral event that you choose to anaylze in depth or it’s merely a silly dog moment captured on video, I think we can all agree that the cuteness level of the third dog makes it the one true winner.

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