Thousands of Pets Find Home During Adoption Event

Nearly 8,000 cats get forever homes during Petsmart Charities' Spring National Adoption Event.

Thousands of people became new pet parents in May during the Petsmart Charities Spring National Adoption Event.

Cats and dogs were available for adoption online or in stores during the event, which took place May 1-3. The final tally shows that participating animal welfare agencies throughout North America adopted out 7,795 cats, 9,077 dogs and 277 small animals.

The pets were showcased at 1,112 Petsmart stores, with some locations hosting larger-scale events in their parking lots, providing room for more pets who were available for adoption. Stores with the highest adoption rates included Salt Lake City, with 421 adoptions; Plainville, Conn., with 226 adoptions; Albuquerque, N.M., with 189 adoptions; and Manchester, Mo., with 148 adoptions.

Petsmart Charities plans to host a Fall National Adoption Weekend later in 2009.


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