This Video Of Caique Riding A Steering Wheel Has Us Worried

It's a joyride that could go so wrong.

Here at BirdChannel, when you travel with your parrot, we recommend you place it in a travel carrier and buckle him or her up. That way, if you suddenly stop or worse, get in an accident, your bird is at least relatively safe inside the carrier. If they?e not in a carrier that, there’s always a chance they could go flying and injure themselves in the car.  

Saying all that, it? kind of distressing to see videos like this one below:

According to the Daily Mail:

“Lili, a black-headed caique from Israel, enjoys spinning upside down and around as she travels through city streets. Her antics began when her owners, Dafna and Udi Ben nun, took her on outings in the car near their home in Tel Aviv.?lt;/span>

I? sure Lili is having fun ?and they’re not going that fast in the car ?but there are easier and safer ways to have fun, aren’t there?

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