This Video is Proof That Cats and Dogs Make Adorable Friends

Watch a kitten grow up with her Golden Retriever.

We all know that kittens are cute and that they always grow up to be cute cats. Sometimes they’re the only cat in the house. Other times they share the home with other cats (and may or may not get along with those other cats). And then there are the times when kittens grow up with dogs.

I grew up in a multi-pet household that always consisted of at least one cat and one dog. Usually they got along and one pair became friends. This is also true of Keelo and Koda, a Golden Retriever and a ginger cat who, as the YouTube description says, were instantly friends as soon as their pet parents brought Koda home as a month-old kitten. Get a glimpse of their bond over the past eight months in the video above. We think you’ll agree that it’s really sweet.

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