This Video is All Kinds of Odd, but it Features Cats so it’s Cool

There’s nothing like a kitty mid-shake, except maybe a book of images that captured the moment.

When I was a little, I used to giggle whenever my cat shook. This usually happened right after she scratched behind her ear or groomed herself or she accidentally stepped in some spilled water. When I see a cat do this now, I really don’t think anything of it. But photographer Carli Davidson did and she decided to capture the action. Take a look at the video:

Davidson, who also created a photo series featuring dogs mid-shake, is releasing her new book today, October 27. The book is aptly named “Shake Cats” and features 140 images of almost 100 different cats, Mashable reports. So how did she get the cats to shake? A groomer and some patience.

Lil BUB is among the subjects, but the majority of the cats are rescues. “Most cats were adopted almost immediately after our shoots, and to think that I might have had even the slightest part in that feels amazing,” Davidson told Mashable.

To learn more about “Shake Cats” or to order the book, visit Davidson’s website.

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