This Video Depicts The Beauty Of Hamsters Over The Last 100 Years

In a parody of Cut Video’s "100 Years of Beauty” series, hamsters show off their looks over the last century.

hamster beauty
©Mashable/The Watercooler/YouTube
Check out what a hamster looked like in the 1930s.

Have you ever seen the 100 Years of Beauty series by Cut Video? The videos depict beauty trends of different countries throughout the past century. It’s fun to watch how trends have changed, which made us wonder, how have hamsters changed over the last 100 years? Has their fur gotten fluffier? Did they prefer to wear it in a pompadour? Were curls ever the style? Maybe hamsters were all about highlights, flat-ironing or perhaps even Mohawks.

All of our questions were answered by Mashable, when they decided to make a 100 years of hamster beauty video. Viewers get the chance to see the many styles hamsters undertook throughout the decades and how good they look eating carrots. Their model, Joy, from the Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven modeling agency (OK, so it’s actually a hamster rescue, but still), does a fantastic job of showing each style hamsters mastered. Note: each style is indecipherable from the next, but Joy rocks each one. Check it out:

What style does your hamster rock?


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