This Tortoise Lives In An Unbelievable Miniature Version of Jurassic Park

The details are incredible, from the (faux) flames on the park's gates to the carved dinosaur skeleton.

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Hold onto your butts. This miniature Jurassic Park/tortoise habitat is pretty impressive.

You can forgive Oliver Turpin if he says “Welcome to Jurassic Park” several times a day. It’s not just that he loves the massive mid-90s blockbuster (because obviously he does), but it’s also because, well, this is Jurassic Park.

The clever guy has made a realistic miniature version of the park, one that is so detailed that you can practically hear the raptors’ claws clicking against the floors.

There aren’t any rampaging T. rexes or sick Triceratops in Turpin’s replica version though. There’s not even a miniature Jeff Goldblum, complaining about being right all the time. The only resident of this particular Jurassic Park is a leopard tortoise named Louie, who has the entire place to himself.

Louie, a leopard tortoise, is Jurassic Park's only resident. Via Oliver Turpin/YouTube

Louie, a leopard tortoise, is Jurassic Park’s only resident. Via Oliver Turpin/YouTube

“It has grazing areas with seeds planted to grow as the weather gets better, a pool for him to drink/swim about in, visitors center and the Jurassic Park Gates,” Turpin wrote on YouTube. 

Turpin spared no expense: The gates are especially impressive, as is the dinosaur skeleton ‘carved’ above the Visitor Center’s door.

Life finds a way and so, apparently, does an incredible tortoise owner with a little bit of free time.

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