This Sweet Two-Legged Cat Will Hop Her Way Into Your Heart

The owner of Roux, a two-legged cat, says you shouldn't feel sorry for this playful little girl.

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Say hello to your new favorite Internet Cat. Via @lilbunnysueroux/Instagram

Say hello to Roux, the big-eyed cat who is proving that it just takes two legs to take the Internet by storm. The sweet 1 year-old kitty was born without front limbs, but that hasn’t stopped her from doing all the things her four-legged sisters do, from throwing her favorite mouse toy around to casually eyeing the fish swimming around the buffet — um, we mean tank — to politely tolerating the Roomba.

Roux’s owner Jackie Deak Akey recently explained to Meowbox that her adopted bundle of joy is basically a regular cat, just a regular cat who has to hop around, kangaroo-style.

“Roux dislikes anyone feeling sorry for her,” Akey told the site. “She wants you to be happy about how cute and special she is!”

And thanks to Roux’s very active Instagram account, we can all enjoy this very cute, very special cat. Akey, who works at a vet clinic in New Orleans, told Meowbox that the first time she saw a picture of Roux, she fell for her immediately.

“When I saw her it was absolutely love at first sight,” Akey said. “Roux was brought to the clinic the next day and I took her home that night.”

We don’t blame her. Look at Roux’s little face! Look at it! (And if you just spent 15 minutes looking at it in every single Instagram picture, then hello, welcome to our life.)

Hippity, hoppity, Roux is on her way (to the food dish).

Roux has had about enough of the new Alabama Shakes record.

The world’s hardest question: Which one do you pet first?

Little bunnies. ••• #twins #cutenessoverload #bunnybrother #panda #doubletrouble #cabbit

A photo posted by Roux! (@lilbunnysueroux) on

“Excuse me, I ordered an appetizer.”

Roux will use this as the author photo on her book jacket.


Admit it, you want to put your face near her face.

Goodnight, moon. Goodnight, Roux.

#sweetdreams, new friends! ••• #bedtime #catnap # #thankyou

A photo posted by Roux! (@lilbunnysueroux) on

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