This Story About A Homeless Jazz Singer, Her Amazon Parrot & Gabriel Foundation Will Warm Your Heart

Recently homeless, Wende Harston, a Denver jazz singer, needed to give her Amazon parrot, Samela, a place to stay until she got back on her feet. In stepped the Gabriel Foundation to help.

Things were bad for Wende Harston, a Denver jazz singer, in the early part of this year. According to 9News-TV, “The lead singer of Denver’s well-known Queen City Jazz Band spent most of the first half of 2015 homeless. She lived in an immobile RV in a warehouse district illegally plugged into a business’s power to keep a few electronics powered on inside.?Her living situation made it impossible to keep her double yellow-headed Amazon parrot named Samela (nicknamed “Sami?, but thankfully, the Gabriel Foundation, a national parrot welfare organization, in Denver, Colorado stepped up to help. They gave Samela a home at their sanctuary until Harston could get on her feet again.

While Harston worked on getting her and the Amazon a home again, she would pay her singing bird companion weekly visits and give impromptu concerts for the hundreds of birds at the Gabriel Foundation. The birds loved it, according to the Gabriel Foundation in a GoFundMe page they set up for Harston, saying, “Her music, her quiet and kind manner, and her positive energy bring joy to our birds and organization every time she visits.?lt;/span>

Touched by Harston and Sami? relationship, The Gabriel Foundation put together the fundraising page as a surprise to help the two. Harston recently found a new home and was able to bring Sami with her, and the funds, $2,040 in total, will help Hartson as she gets back on her feet. “We know that it will still be a struggle for her as she continues to get back on her feet and we would love to find a way to help them stay together,?wrote the Gabriel Foundation. “That is the reason for this page.?lt;/span>

Watch Harston and Sami sing along in the video below.

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