This Special-Needs Cat’s Adoption Ad Will Give You All of the Feels

Jaws the cat might be missing a lower mandible but is all heart, so shelter workers created a special adoption ad for her.

Via RSPCA NSW Facebook Page

Cat adoption ads can run the gamut from short and sweet to brief and blasé. Occasionally, however, one comes along that is so spectacular you can’t help but to stop and take note. Case in point: Jaws.

Picked up as a stray in Sydney, Australia, two months ago, Jaws is everything a potential pet parent could want in a cat: playful, loving, utterly adorable. But there’s something that sets Jaws apart from all other cats (and makes us love her even more): a missing mandible.

Regardless of her absent extremity, Jaws is, by all counts, no different than any other cat – with one exception: she’s a messy eater.

“That’s the biggest impact of her funny little mouth,” Jessica Conway, RSPCA of New South Wales (NSW) spokesperson, told The Huffington Post. “She’ll also need a family that’s happy to give her a brush and a bit of a cleanup with a damp face washer, too, as she isn’t able to groom herself as well as she otherwise would.”

Despite her painfully cute smile, Jaws wasn’t receiving any takers who were interested in making her a part of their family, so staff at the RSPCA NSW concocted a plan to lure potential adopters in. The result? The creation of a note penned by sweet Jaws, celebrating her differences by using prose consistent with a lisp, or how she would sound if she were to speak aloud. The note gives Jaws’ history, as well as a few of her favorite things, and her most killer qualities.

Hello there, my name ith Jawths.I wath brought into the thelter ath a thray cat. Luckily thumone thpotted me when I…

Posted by RSPCA NSW on Thursday, December 10, 2015

“Like all our animals, we try to find what makes them special, and share it with the world,” Conway said. “We are celebrating this ‘difference’ as what makes her so special and unique.”

You see? All of the feels.

Jaws is available for adoption now through RSPCA NSW. Although based in Australia, the shelter is willing to work with potential adopters outside of the country if it means that Jaws will be given the loving home she deserves. Interested? Contact RSPCA NSW now.

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