This Shiba Inu Is Totally Human Despite Being A Dog

Chiko the dog is loving life human-style in Hong Kong.

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The selfie. The most vain of human expression. Chiko has nailed this whole human thing. Via Chiko – shiba inu/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Our lives are spent so full of obligations that sometimes we may wish we could live our dog’s life. We’d play in the backyard, sleep whenever we wanted, greet our companions when they come home from work and gobble up as many goodies as we can. We’re guessing that the steps in the “How to Be a Dog” manual are probably pretty simple.

But what about those dogs who wish to be more like humans? Some already fall asleep on the couch or in their human’s bed; why not take the extra steps to be full-on human-like? Chiko, a Shiba Inu in Hong Kong, China, has accomplished that task, while still remaining a dog on the outside.

If there were a “How to Be a Human” manual, we think it’d look something like this:

Step 1: Sleep With A Pacifier

This is how little humans start too.

Step 2: Ride Rides At The Playground

Also a natural step when growing into a full-size human.

Step 3: Learn To Sit Like A Grown-Up Human

This task requires a picnic table and a can of tea to achieve the full human-sitting effect.

Step 4: Work At A Computer

This can only be accomplished once Step 1 is mastered.

Step 5: Work At A Computer While Sitting At A Picnic Table

Success! Two steps in one. (Humans like to work at places other than their office desks.)

Step 6: Watch Netflix

Humans have spent hours mastering this; now dogs can, too.

Step 7: Watch YouTube

Once mastering Netflix watching, this step will be a piece of cake. Headphones optional.

Step 8: Eat At The Table

No more eating out of a bowl on the floor.

Achieving full human mode takes years of practice. To see other “How To Be A Human” examples, check out Chiko on Facebook.

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