This Puppy Was Born With A Paw Print On Its Nose And OMG It’s The Cutest

There's a tiny paw print on this tiny puppy's tiny nose and it's the most precious thing you've ever seen.

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Can you handle this cuteness? Via WeRateDogs/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Pull out those eclipse glasses, because the majestic beauty of this natural wonder might just blind you. It’s a puppy with a paw print on its nose.

A photo shared on Twitter by @WeRateDogs, shows a white and brown pupper with a paw print shape covering its nose and stretching down to its mouth.

The original source of this photo is currently unknown, so there’s a chance this paw print shape was added to the photo. However, in a second photo, shared on Twitter by @Mars_Rover1, we get a closer look at the heart-melting schnoz.

With a world in such consistent turmoil, I, for one, choose to believe this paw print is the real deal. Because we could all use this dose of extreme puppy charm, am I right?

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