This ‘Pizza Rat’ Dog Costume Has Already Won Halloween

Halloween's hottest costume has arrived, courtesy of Marlo Meekins, who dressed her dog up like everyone's favorite hungry subway vermin, Pizza Rat.

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Pizza Rat Dog, the greatest collection of nouns in history.

The Internet more or less exploded when Pizza Rat – the most New York thing that ever New York’ed – was posted on YouTube. Maybe we all saw ourselves in that determined little rodent. Maybe we understood his craving for something better, for something literally bigger than himself. Or maybe we just shrieked, slammed our laptops closed and immediately scheduled a rabies vaccination. Either way, Pizza Rat became a legit phenomenon, racking up more than 7 million YouTube views and earning the ultimate tribute: a Halloween costume.

In a Vine uploaded over the weekend, Marlo Meekins shows off the Pizza Rat costume she designed for her dog, Forrest (complete with an annoyingly infectious song).

The furry rat ears and giant cardboard pizza slice pretty much ensure that she and Forrest will dominate every party they attend. She has even demonstrated her commitment to the costume by chalking a subway background behind the pizza-dragging dog. It’s not even October yet, and Meekins has already won Halloween.

Here is the original Pizza Rat video in all its glory if you somehow managed to miss it:

Also, is anybody else really craving pizza right now?

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