This Mouse Howls Like A Wolf

Grasshopper mice look like other mice, but they’re anything but ordinary.

The southern deserts of the United States are where the grasshopper mouse calls home. At first glance this mouse looks like any other, but at night that all changes, like the legendary werewolf. OK, so probably not exactly like a werewolf, but this mouse does have some werewolf-like qualities (or at least wolf-like ones).

Grasshopper mice are very aggressive, are mainly carnivorous and are immune to the poison and venom found in snakes, scorpions and tarantulas, reports. Bark scorpions, “whose sting is said to be like putting a cigarette out on your skin followed by hours of dull throbbing,” according to, are a regular part of the grasshopper mouse’s diet. It is believed that they use the bark scorpion’s venom as a painkiller by tricking their brain into reacting differently to pain.

And if that’s not enough to convince you this mouse could be a werewolf in some scary novel or movie, it is also known to howl at the moon after a kill or as a means of declaring its territory, reports.

Have you ever heard a grasshopper mouse howl in real life?

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