This Man’s Brief Time With His Dog Changed His Life Forever

Try not to cry as you watch the story of this man whose rescue dog saved his life, and who gave a new lease on life to a pet who might not have been adopted.

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Peety had only a few years with his owner but those years gave both of them a new lease on life.
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Pets can have a huge impact on our lives, as we can on theirs. This simple message conveyed in one film will have you in tears.

Eric O’Grey adopted 7-year-old Peety six years ago, saving the dog but more than that, saving himself, as this video from Humane Society Silicon Valley shows. The short film is part of HSSV’s call for Mutual Rescue stories that show, as they describe, “how you rescued your animal and how he or she rescued you.”

O'Grey lost 140 pounds in one year once he began taking Peety on walks. Via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

O’Grey lost weight once he began taking Peety on walks and eventually he began running and training for marathons. Via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

O’Grey’s story certainly captures that spirit. He adopted a dog from HSSV on doctor’s orders; he was 51 years old, severely overweight, diabetic and dependent on nearly $1,000 worth of medication monthly. He rarely socialized. His doctor thought a dog would help with everything —bring him out of the house among people, make him go on walks, and more.

And it did. He began walking with Peety, then running. He lost 140 pounds. He found love.

Peety almost couldn't believe that someone was adopting him, O'Grey says. Via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

Peety almost couldn’t believe that someone was adopting him, O’Grey says. Via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

There’s more. Peety’s life improved, too.

“I read over Peety’s paperwork when I adopted him, and it turns out that he was left alone in a back yard,” O’Grey says in the video. “Nobody played with him.”

Peety had arthritis, rashes, constantly itchy skin.

“He’d gone from being in a situation like I was, where he didn’t have any friends and he didn’t know anybody, and he really became a proud dog,” O’Grey says.

O’Grey wanted to make him truly proud, and continued on his path of improvement.

O'Grey wanted to really be the kind of person his dog thought he was. Via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

O’Grey wanted to really be the kind of person his dog thought he was. Via Mutual Rescue/YouTube

“I decided I wanted to be the person he thought I was,” O’Grey says.

Peety died six years after O’Grey adopted him, but that brief time together set each on a path of growth and love.

Mutual Rescue celebrates the love of people for pets who changed their lives, and they are putting a call out to hear more stories. If you have something to share, visit the Mutual Rescue site.

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