Little Girl And Her Doberman BFF Are ‘Cutie And The Beast’

Meet Siena and Buddha, a girl and her dog whose beautiful bond is shared on the blog, "Cutie and the Beast."

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The world has never seen a love quite like this. Via Cutie and the Beast/Facebook
Chrissa Hardy

Siena and Buddha, a Doberman Pinscher, are best friends. Because their bond is so undeniably adorable, Buddha’s owners started documenting the daily adventures of “Cutie and the Beast” on their blog, their Facebook page and their Instagram account. All of which have TONS of followers.

Siena is currently 3 years old and Buddha is 2. When Buddha was adopted, he quickly took to Siena because of her calm nature, according to the Cutie and the Beast blog. They are basically inseparable, often found napping and acting all kinds of silly together.

Seeing the endless stream of photos of these two together, snuggling, reading, eating, sleeping and running around together, the lyrics of “You Are My Sunshine” began to play in my head. The bond they have beautifully represents the pure, honest and unjaded love that can only be shared between child and dog. See for yourself:

You are my sunshine.

We loved with a love that was more than love.

A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

My only sunshine. 

Buddha on things. A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

You make me happy…

…when skies are gray.

If I hold on tight, I promise we’ll keep playing while we dream. A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

You’ll never know, dear…

Mid walk talks. (Yay! Mom and dad leave Taipei tonight to get home to our much missed kiddos.)

A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

…how much I love you.

So please don’t take my sunshine away.

Sunset with my best.

A photo posted by Siena and Buddha (@cutieandthebeast) on

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