This Kitten’s Best Friend Is a Puppy & Nothing’s Tearing Them Apart

Roxy and Oscar are inseparable.

Oscar is a cat. He happens to be best friends with Roxy, a dog. They had both entered a shelter as strays shortly after they were born. Alone, Oscar was sent to a foster home in Phoenix. It was there he met Roxy, a scared little French Bulldog, USA Today reports.

Both in need of friends, the pair bonded, wrestling, eating and sleeping together and at times getting into trouble together – as true best friends often do.

“They are just such a funny pair,” Bretta Nelson, an Arizona Humane Society spokeswoman, told USA Today. “They play rough with each other; they curl up and fall asleep together. They’ve been together since they were days old.”

The two are now 5 months old and are still inseparable. And they found a forever home… together.


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