This Kindergarten is Shaped Like a Cat and It’s Awesome

What child wouldn’t want to go to school here?

If the kindergarten I went to were shaped like a cat, I most likely would not have wanted to move up to the first grade. The children at Kindergarten Die Katze (“the cat”) in Wolfartsweier, Germany may feel the same way. This kindergarten lives up to its name, sitting in the schoolyard in the shape of a large, white cat.

The kindergarten was designed by artist Tomi Ungerer and architect Ayla-Suzan Yöndel as part of the Europe Without Borders campaign, which symbolizes the friendship between Germany and France, Domain reports.

Roughly 100 children can attend school here, entering the building through the cat’s mouth. There are windows that represent the cat’s eyes and there is grass on the roof for “fur.” The tail is probably the kids’ favorite part of the school cat, given that it’s also a slide.

Kindergarten Die Katze was built in 2011 and, I believe, is where all the kids want to go to school. What child wouldn’t want to learn in a giant cat?


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