This Is Why You Don’t Need A Pet Door For Your Cat

This cat knows exactly what he's doing (other than humiliating his owner).

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The YouTube video is titled, "Because he can," which seems accurate.

According to one big box home improvement store, installing a pet door involves carefully measuring your pet, taping a temporary template to the door and then a seven step process requiring drills, screwdrivers and a jigsaw. Or, if you have a cat, you can just leave the pet door in the box, kick it under the nearest table and say, “Do your own thing, buddy.”

Because when it comes to using pet doors, cats are going to do what they want to do — and that seems to involve ignoring them altogether and just opening the door the human way, thankyouverymuch.

But in a video uploaded Tuesday to YouTube by PoachedEggs 101, a cat takes humiliating his human to an entirely new level.


“Kitty’s home!”

Not only does he use the doorknob, he also… well, just watch it. And then maybe try to find your receipt from that pet door you just bought.

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