This is What the Workplace Would be like if a Cat were Boss

Artist Tom Fonder shows us what a cat CEO is like in his webcomic "The Adventures of Business Cat.”

If you’ve ever had a job chances are you’ve had a thought or two about your boss (whether it be a good or bad thought). Maybe every Friday the office manager treats everyone to coffee and bagels. Maybe the boss is someone who only likes yes men. People in management have been described in a number of ways, from fair to unfair, hardworking to lazy and everything in between. But what would that boss be like if he or she were a cat? Playful? Stubborn? Perhaps “lazy” might still be a descriptor.

Rather than ponder what a cat boss might be like, British artist Tom Fonder did it for us in his webcomic “The Adventures of Business Cat.” Business Cat, as described on Fonder’s website, is “CEO. Business maverick. Cat. A shrewd businessman and hard-hitting executive, Business Cat is not afraid to milk the corporate cash cow for his taste of the big-time. He pushes the envelope with his integrated approach, maximizing leverage, downsizing, rightsizing and other business things. In his free-time, Business Cat enjoys relaxing on a 16-kt gold yacht and receiving belly scratches from high-end escorts.”

Take a look at Business Cat at work:

To see more of Business Cat, visit the Adventures in Business Cat website. Do you think these are accurate descriptions of what a cat would be like in the workplace?

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