Fox And Dog Best Friends Are Straight Out Of A Disney Movie

They even show off various types of friendships (we chose seven of our favorites).

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Juniper and Moose, BFFs. Via juniperfoxx/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

Moose is a dog who has spent a lot of time around a variety of animals. Juniper is a fox who became a pet… and Moose’s best friend. The two are inseparable, doing everything together.

“Juniper is in love with Moose and spends all day trying to get as much of his attention as possible,” her owner told Bored Panda. “I brought Juniper home when she was only 5 weeks old. Moose was raised around all kinds of animals so when she ran up to him tail wagging and crying they were instantly friends.”

It’s not always paradise for the two friends, though. (Well, at least not for one of them.)

“Foxes put their butts on things they want to own or think is theirs,” the pets’ owner told Bored Panda. “Moose gets sat on daily. I’ll often walk into the room and see Moose laying down with such a glum look on his face while Juniper is there just sitting in this head smiling.”

That’s certainly one example of true friendship. More are documented on the @juniperfoxx Instagram page. Here are some of our favorites.

1. The Cuddly Friendship

Cuddle time!

2. The Celebratory Friendship

There’s nothing like a party with your BFF.

3. The “You’re Kind Of Bugging Me” Friendship

True friends get on each other’s nerves, but still remain friends.

4. The Selfie-Taking Friendship

A photo posted by J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) on

“This one’s going straight on Instagram!”

5. The Peanut Butter Friendship

A video posted by J U N I P E R (@juniperfoxx) on

There’s always that one friend who talks you into a delicious treat.

6. The “I’m So Happy To See You” Friendship

This often occurs when you haven’t seen your BFF in, like, two hours.

7. The “It’s OK If I Sit On You” Friendship

What are true friends for if not to be our chairs?

While Moose and Juniper’s friendship might make you want to go out and get a fox of your own, you should know having one as a pet isn’t all that easy. In fact, it’s quite challenging (and possibly illegal, depending on where you live). In an Instagram post, their owner writes:

“Due to all of our new followers this is an updated informational post regarding having foxes as pets. Every day I see multiple comments where people say ‘I want one.’ Some of you aren’t serious, but for those of you that are, here’s a few facts. Foxes are not like owning a dog or cat. Foxes smell. Bad. Their urine and feces smell like skunk mixed with ammonia. There is no way to ‘de-scent’ a fox. You cannot keep a fox indoors 24/7.They need an enclosure no less than 10’x10′ for ONE fox (Seriously.) Foxes are destructive; they will destroy things in your house. Foxes must be fed some raw meats and bone content in their diet. They also need taurine, or they can go blind, suffer from seizures and even die. If you get a fox, you need to find a vet willing to treat one. Most vets will not treat foxes. Foxes are ILLEGAL in many areas. Just because they are legal in your state, does not mean the same is true for your city.”

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