This Hamster Eating A Carrot Might Mesmerize You

A majority of comments on this hamster video mention it being either cute or calm, or both!

hamster and carrot
Via mikesanman 19/YouTube
Nom, nom, nom — all is good.

Who knew watching a hamster eat a slice of carrot could be so fascinating, or so calming? And I am completely impressed by this hamster’s very precise eating skills. The kicker, though, is that the video is actually in slow motion. Anyone who knows hamsters knows eating for them is usually a bit of a fast and furious activity. Just take a look at the second video showing him eating a carrot at normal speed. If you haven’t guessed, carrots are a favorite treat of this Syrian hamster. Fresh fruits and veggies, in moderation, can be great hamster treats.

Something else that’s unique, at least in my experience, is that the hamster is eating while lying down. How casual can you get? Mike, that’s his name, the hamster must feel completely safe and secure, which is a lovely tribute to his owner.

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I hope you watch with the speakers turned all the way up so that you can hear all the adorable crunching going on. Thanks to YouTube user mikesanman 19 for sharing this peaceful moment with the world.

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