This Guy Won At Prom By Taking The Family Cat As His Date

His sister said he couldn't find a human date to go with him, so the cat filled in.

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"I hope that someday someone will look at me the way she looks at him," one commenter wrote. Via caroline12006/Imgur

The idea of asking a girl to the prom has come close to stopping the hearts of countless teenage boys, whether they were leaving sweaty fingerprints on a rotary phone or texting “U + Me = Prom” on an iPhone. But one high schooler saved himself from both tachycardia and tears by asking his own cat to be his date.

An Imgur user named caroline12006 posted a picture of her brother who, she said, took the family cat to his prom.

“He couldn’t find a date,” she wrote, although that didn’t stop him from breaking out his black suit and bow tie.

The cat herself was dressed in her finest formalwear, wearing a tiered pink dress that matched his tie and vest. He apparently didn’t give her a corsage, which is acceptable when you’re worried that your date might eat it.

My brother took our cat to prom

We hope that their evening was as perfect as this picture of the two of them. We also hope that he treated her to dinner — maybe even a can of the finest organic cat food — and paused to open the door of her travel carrier when they arrived at the dance. She is a lady, after all.

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