Guy Builds Insanely Large Bed To Accommodate His 7 Pets (And Girlfriend)

The Reddit user described the bed as a "King + Full Megabed," which seems accurate.

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This megabed gives the couple and their seven pets more than 70 square feet of sleep space. Via Robdogbird/Reddit

Letting your pets sleep in the bed with you can be such a hassle. It can be crowded, uncomfortable and it seems like they sense exactly when you’re about to drift off, because that’s the very moment they decide to drape themselves over your forehead and start chewing the bone you didn’t realize they’d brought into your bed. But we do it anyway, although maybe we’re not as accommodating as this Redditor and his girlfriend.

A Reddit user named Robdogbird posted a picture of the megabed that he’d constructed to accommodate himself, his girlfriend and their five cats and two dogs. The massive Frankenbed was built using both a king and a full size mattress, giving the, um, nine of them a lot of surface area to sleep on. Robdogbird said that the bed was 6 1/2 feet in length and more than 11 feet wide, giving them more than 70 square feet of mattress (but you know that at least one of the cats will want to sleep on his chest anyway).

All seven animals that join the Redditor and his girlfriend in their Megabed. Via Robdogbird/Reddit

All seven animals of these aniamls join the Redditor and his girlfriend in their Megabed. Via Robdogbird/Reddit

Someone in the post thread asked how he kept the bed clean with that many paws on it every night.

“Because the animals love it so much, we do have to wash 4 loads of bedding regularly,” he wrote. “Still [it’s] one of our schemes I am most satisfied with!”

Four loads of laundry, two separate mattresses and a bed roughly the size of a Brooklyn apartment? Did everyone just look at their own pets and say, “Don’t get your hopes up,” or was that just me?

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