This Guinea Pig Needs Someone To Reassure Him

When you start to wonder if you exist, it’s good to have a friend around to help you out, as this video of two talking guinea pigs confirms!

What is more engaging than a philosophical guinea pig? Not much, in my opinion. This little guinea pig’s question grabbed me from the start, “Have you ever stopped and wondered what’s out there? I mean, beyond what we can see?” Talk about a conversation starter!

He then channels his inner Carl Sagan, even down to the “billions and billions of stars.” 

The genius, Andrew Grantham, giving voice to the guinea pig perfectly matches the lip movements and chooses dialogue that amazingly matches the guinea pig’s body language and expression — including a slight pull back of the head and then thrusting forward again. It’s just adorable to watch!

Then, surprise, he’s got a guinea pig buddy. One who is much more grounded and not prone to musings about the universe around us. In fact, he accuses the first guinea pig of “eating the wrong bananas again”!

The goal of this and other videos from Pets Add Life, is to promote the joys and benefits of responsible pet ownership. With this one, it specifically states that pets need someone to talk to — even if it’s a somewhat cranky buddy who accuses one of being a bit crazy.

This video ranks right up there on my list of favorites with the first video I saw from Pets Add Life — the interview with a guinea pig from 2012. I still laugh out loud when I see that one. This video has its own classic moments and quotes that are destined to live on forever, including:

“Did I break my existence?”

“If I was invisible, you’d tell me, wouldn’t you?”

“Can I even eat if I’m invisible? What do invisible things eat?”

These questions, and the entire video, will spread across the cosmos in data bits, just waiting for someone, or something, beyond Earth to enjoy. Oh my gosh, his mind-bending ponderings are contagious!

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