This Guilty Dog Makes The Slowest Getaway Ever

When Matzo the dog gets in trouble for going through the trash, he tries his best (and possibly only) evasive technique.

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Matzo's attempt at slinking away after getting into trouble is pretty comical.

Dogs are unrivaled when it comes to so many things, from unconditional love to loyalty to failing to notice that no, you didn’t really throw a tennis ball. But they also might be the World’s Best at playing some combination of dumb and not guilty when they know they’re in trouble.

Take little Matzo in this YouTube video, which was posted a couple years ago and is make the rounds again. His owner Melissa Lee is about to bust him for knocking over the trash can, but Matzo stays calm, keeps his composure… and slo-o-o-owly pushes himself backward across the floor. To his credit, Matzo maintains eye contact with Lee, even while he tries to make himself disappear underneath the desk behind him.

“Just stay cool, Matzo,” you can almost hear him saying to himself. “When you can’t see her, she can’t see you.”

That might’ve been the slowest crime-scene getaway ever, but it worked.

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