This Dog’s ‘Adopt Me’ Photos Have Gone Viral Because Look At Them

Shelter dog Carpe Diem knows how to take a great photo. Even if it's a weird one.

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Best "Adopt Me" photos ever. Via SF Animal Care/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

San Francisco Animal Care & Control wants you to adopt their pets. That’s why they post photos of the adorable creatures on Twitter. Sure, some might lead to a few likes, comments and shares and possibly even (hopefully) adoption, but then others are so fantastic that they blow up Twitter and go viral.

Carpe Diem is the dog responsible for that exact reaction.

The 4-month-old Chihuahua is friendly and loves to play with toys, get cuddles and give kisses, his description reveals. What it doesn’t reveal is how he totally nailed his “Adopt Me” photo shoot.

Pose No. 1: Awesomeness

“Just look how awesome I am.”

Pose No. 2: Coolness

Nothing says cool like that smile.

Pose No. 3: Awkwardness

“I’m only this awkward in pictures.”

Pose No. 4: Quirkiness

We’re pretty sure anyone who adopts this dog will love his quirkiness. The photos have already sparked 790 retweets, 1,728 likes and numerous comments, which mostly reflect on the dog’s weirdness.

Carpe Diem seized the day and nailed his “Adopt Me” photo shoot, which we think is an Instagram account in the making (someone needs to get on this).

San Francisco Animal Care & Control reports on Twitter that the photogenic dog is still available for adoption. Interested parties must go in person and be interviewed for consideration.

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