This Dog Has An Adorable Toothy Grin That You Will Never Forget

Behind this dog's unique smile is a sweet, gentle soul. And this sweet, gentle soul needs a forever home.

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She might look different, but she's still stealing all the hearts. Via Erin Webb/The Dodo
Chrissa Hardy

When you look different, you stand out. When you stand out, you’re hard to forget. And that is always a good thing. Especially when you’re a sweet dog like Zipper who needs a forever home.

The 8-year-old was found as a stray and brought into the Huntsville Animal Services shelter in Alabama, The Dodo reports. Zipper has a deformed jaw with an underbite, and her teeth are spread far apart, making her smile one of a kind.

That face. Via Erin Webb/The Dodo

“She is an elderly dog, so she is a calm and gentle girl,” Erin Webb, a volunteer at Huntsville Animal Services, told The Dodo. “She seems like she would prefer to cuddle over adventures. She does love going outside with the other dogs and made friends with our other elderly dog, Mr. Mike.”

And she could be yours! Via Erin Webb/The Dodo

If you’re interested in making Zipper part of your family, contact Huntsville Animal Services at 256-883-3782 or 256-883-3783, or visit its website.

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