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This DIY Costume Turns Your Hamster Into A Rein-Ham!

Your hamster will be even more adorable when he or she wears this reindeer costume that you can make in nine easy steps.

Always supervise your pet when wearing a costume. Courtesy of Erin Ramsey

By Erin Ramsey

Your hamster can do more than watch your holiday fun, he can be part of it — at least for a few minutes at a time — when he wears this cute no-sew costume you can make. You read that right. No sewing is required! All you need to make this is:

  • Glue gun with glue
  • Red felt
  • White felt
  • Brown craft foam
  • Bells
  • 12” of thin white ribbon
  • Scissors 

The video shows you what to do, and here are the nine steps:

  1. Cut red felt to 4 x 4.5 inches. Fold horizontally and trim off the corners to a curve. 
  2. Cut a 4 x 4.5 inch piece of white felt. Scallop both ends and cut off as two strips.
  3. Glue white strips onto red felt and let dry.
  4. Trim white strips to the red felt.
  5. Cut two antlers out of brown craft foam.
  6. Glue and hold antlers to costume until dry.
  7. Glue bells to white strips on costume.
  8. Cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon and glue to the underside of “collar.”
  9. Using leftover white felt, cut out a small tail and glue to end of costume.

Of course, you can change out colors or accessories to customize the costume for your hamster.

Always supervise your hamster when he is wearing a costume, and never leave it on for more than a few minutes at a time.

Now go, be crafty and creative, and make your own Rein-Ham outfit. Happy Holidays!

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