This Clip Of A Dog Hugging Her Best Friend Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

Lottie loves to hug her closest canine pal, Grizzly, and fortunately for us, there's video.

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Which one is happier? The hugger or the huggee? Via Lottie/Vine

So many dog owners have discovered that they can, in fact, teach an old dog some new tricks. Unfortunately, we’ve seen most of those tricks before. (Oh, your dog can sit? That’s amazing, no other animal has ever had control of its back limbs!)

We love to hear about those who have schooled their pets in the art of doing something different, whether that’s flashing a big smile on command or giving their best friend a hug. Taylor Duguay has taught her 2-year-old Border Collie to do the latter, somehow instructing her how to wrap her, um, arms around her closest pal, Grizzly.

“Lottie has a knack for doing tricks and she loves nothing more than performing for crowds,” Duguay told ABC News. “In my eyes, Lottie is a super dog.”

She’s super in a lot of people’s eyes: The Vine of Lottie embracing Grizzly has been looped more than 40 million times — and counting — since it was posted eight days ago. It’s one of the sweetest pet tricks we’ve ever seen and, man, we’d love to see more clips of these two. They’re adorable.

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