This Chow Chow Just Wants To Be Free

A caged Chow in a dog cafe makes a run for the door.

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"See ya later, suckers!"Via drbatookhan/Imgur
John Virata

Sometimes you just need to break free.

In a video clip posted to Imgur by drbatookhan, a dog, who appears to be a Chow Chow, obviously doesn’t want to have anything to do with being in a cage, so it decides to make a run for it.

The only problem is, when it starts heading toward the door of what appears to be some sort of dog cafe or grooming shop in Asia, the cage comes too, followed closely behind by a man, who quickly puts an end to the getaway.

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Some of the comments are classic:

“Despite all my rage, I’m still just a fluff in a cage.”

“Can’t nobody hold me down. Can’t nobody take my pride. Oh, no. I got to keep on movin.”

“Fluff, uh, finds a way.”

While the fluffy lion-like dog is funny to watch, what really enhances the clip is the man running to stop the caged dog, while a Bulldog, up on his hind legs behind a wall, tries to get a glimpse of the Chow Chow’s run for freedom. It’s as if he want to come, too.

"Take me with you, Chow Chow!"

“Take me with you, Chow Chow!” Via drbatookhan/Imgur

Maybe next time, guys.

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