This Cat with His Tongue Sticking Out is the Cutest Thing on the Internet

Mr. Magoo the Cat is taking over Instagram.

How many Instagram-famous cats can you name? One? Two? Eight? However many there have been, there’s now one more. Mr. Magoo has entered the online scene and is ruling social media. This fluffy little feline with the gorgeous green eyes was found under a deck in Canada when he was a kitten. He was taken to a pet hospital where his now-human works as a veterinary technician for a checkup.

His human saw him there and immediately noticed the little tongue sticking out of the 14-ounce kitty’s mouth. It was discovered that Magoo’s “lower jaw is off to one side, which causes his tongue to stick out, and his skull is slightly deformed,” but he was otherwise healthy, even though he can’t open his mouth enough to eat anything other than canned food. His new human brought him home that night. Even though an appointment was scheduled to surgically repair Magoo’s jaw, the procedure was unable to be done because the cat’s mouth couldn’t be opened for the anesthetic.

But not to worry – Magoo is happy in his home with his human and dog family. And we’re pretty sure he’s pleased to be on Instagram with over 27,000 followers showing him some love.

1. Because it’s fun to dress up in a costume no matter how close to Halloween it is…

2. “Let me sleep a little longer.”

3. Just helping with the dishes.

4. Vacation time!

5. “Don’t I look handsome in my bowtie?”

For more photos of Mr. Magoo the cat, visit his Instagram page.


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