This Cat Wants Nothing To Do With The Mail

A postal worker recorded what happens when he tries to deliver mail to one house with a cat.

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"You and your envelopes can beat it, buddy." Via LiveLeak

If you’ve ever owned a dog or watched cartoons, you know that canines and mail carriers have a special kind of hatred for each other. But, not to be outdone, at least one cat has decided to wage his own personal war against the mail itself.

A guy who we’ll assume is a mail carrier filmed this LiveLeak video while he attempted to do his job — and the key word in that sentence is attempted.

“This is the house I was talking about,” he says as he approaches the door, letters in hand.

But every time he slides an envelope toward the mail slot, the cat furiously slaps it away, like Hakeem Olajuwon swatting at a sloppy layup. (But to the cat’s credit, that envelope sort of looked like a credit card offer, so maybe the homeowners have just trained him to flat out reject junk mail).

But — just to further mess with the postal worker — the cat then reverses his tactics. This might be one of the first rounds in a long fight, but right now, it looks like Cat: 1, Mail Carrier: 0.

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