Cat Wants To Surf So Dog Friend Gives Her A Ride

While Didga the cat has nothing on Miki Dora, she definitely can ride a dog.

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Didga is one hip cat who likes to hang 10.
John Virata

The last time “Da Cat” went surfing, Nixon was president and personal video was a pipe dream. Didga is a different sort of cat. While Didga doesn’t have anything on Miki “Da Cat” Dora, she does have one up on other cats in that she doesn’t shy away from water. She likes to surf. On a dog. In a pool.

In a video posted on YouTube by GoPro, Didga rides her dog pal like a surfboard in a pool.

Didga is one cool cat. Via GoPro/YouTube

And it seems like this wasn’t the first time either. Didga and the dog know exactly what’s up when their owner opens the door to the backyard, and they make a beeline for the pool to surf.

Didga and her dog pal take a selfie. Via GoPro/YouTube

Wearing a life vest, the dog enters the pool and waits until Didga climbs on for a ride. Didga seems a bit tentative to be surfing on her furry friend’s back, but the dog definitely has her back.

Didga waits as dog pal ends the session. Via

Didga waits as dog pal ends the session. Via GoPro/YouTube

After just few laps in the pool, Didga (who can already ride a skateboard) and the dog get in one last selfie before exiting the water. The dog shakes off the water, and Didga? Well, she hangs out poolside, just chilling with only a wet tail from the ride.

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