This Cat Trying To Do Sit-Ups Is All Of Us After The New Year

Everyone talks about "making" New Year's resolutions, not sticking to them.

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"How many did I do? A thousand? Two thousand?" Via People's Daily/YouTube

Every January, we all make the same New Year’s resolution. “I’m joining a gym and getting in shape!” we’ll excitedly say while drinking what we swear is our last Double Chocolaty Chip Frappuccino of the calendar year.

We’ll find that sweat-wicking shirt we buried in the back of the drawer last January and practically run into the nearest fitness facility, ready to go full Jane Fonda. We’ll bang out one or two pushups and imagine ourselves tanned and glistening on the cover of the latest Shape magazine. We’ll drive ourselves home, shaking from a blast of endorphins or possibly cardiac arrest from that two minute Stairmaster session.

And the next morning, we’ll wake up ready… to quit.

The cat in this video, posted by People’s Daily, understands that struggle, that desire to get in shape with the complete lack of motivation to do so.

The struggle is real. Via People's Daily/YouTube

The struggle is real. Via People’s Daily/YouTube

In the (appropriately) brief video, the cat does a couple of sit-ups and then rolls over exhausted, as if to say either “That’s enough” or “Just BEING here is enough.” Either way, we get it. See you next year, cat.

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