Cat-Themed Foam Is The Best Thing To Happen To Your Latte

It’s all about the cat latte art.

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There’s nothing like a kitty coffee. Via pim_vanichapol/Instagram
Cari Jorgensen

There are lots of themed cafés. Copenhagen, Denmark, has a Laundromat Café. There are bunny cafés, owl cafés, dog cafés and even hedgehog cafés. But the most popular of the themed coffeehouses has to be the cat café.

So with all those feline-themed coffee establishments, it’s no surprise cat foam lattes (some even in 3D) have made their way onto the scene.

We’ve decided to make it our mission to try one each day for a week. Care to join us?

Day 1: A Cup Of 3D Kitties

Because jiggling it and watching the cats dance is our first priority.

Day 2: The 3D Hello Kitty Latte

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Because how could we have cat art lattes and not try the Hello Kitty one? Come on now.

Day 3: The Intellectual Feline Latte

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Because writing for a pet website means drinking cat-themed lattes is part of our job description. We’re on duty, you know.

Day 4: The Simple Cat Face Latte

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Because less is more.

Day 5: The 3D Cat Lattes With A Side Of Cheesecake

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Because we also get hungry.

Day 6: The Stay In Your Own Cup 3D Cat Latte

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Because sometimes it’s a two-latte day.

Day 7: The “The Best Way To End The Week Is With A Cat Latte” Latte

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Just because.

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