This Cat Playing Whack-A-Mole By Itself Is All Of Us

You can't always get what you want, especially if there's a dog nearby.

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"If I maintain eye contact, maybe it won't know I'm about to grab it." Via Lam Qian/Facebook

Life is a lot like this cat’s toy, when you think about it (and I have). You spend all of your time trying to figure out exactly what you want and then, juuusst when you think you can grab it, it vanishes.

You try a different tactic.

You’re more patient, more cunning, more conservative in your approach. Your goal is right in front of your eyes, but still beyond your reach.

You wait, wondering whether it’s a trick, whether it will disappear when you reach for it.

You hesitate again, trying to pick exactly the right moment… and that’s when someone else jumps ahead of you and takes everything you wanted right in their dumb, slobbery dog mouths.

Maybe this video, shared on Facebook by Lam Qian, is a parable meant to show you what happens when you overthink your desires or an illustration to prepare you for life’s disappointments. Or maybe it’s just a cat playing with a wooden toy. Either way.

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