This Cat Knows There’s Nothing Like A Shower In The Kitchen Sink

Ah, no one has enjoyed bath time as much as this cat.

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Nothing to see here but a cat showering in the sink. Via Cats/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Have you ever come home after a long day and wanted nothing more than to take a relaxing shower, eat and go to bed? This cat feels you. He also loves a shower (and we’re guessing eating and sleeping too). He just prefers his in the kitchen sink.

So refreshing! Via Cats/Facebook

So refreshing! Via Cats/Facebook

In a video posted to Facebook by Cats, a cat is seen with a face dripping with water as he tastes the running stream. He then dunks his whole head under (because why not?), clearly enjoying it as the colorless liquid cascades over his face. He pulls his head back, tasting the water once more.

We’re pretty sure this kitty spent way longer in his makeshift shower than the 15-second video shows.

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